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Adobe Digital Government

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Solutions that help government agencies make, manage, mobilize, and measure the information and experiences needed to achieve their missions

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Brought to you by FedInsider and Adobe, this series of one-hour training webinars will examine how agencies are using powerful and innovative digital solutions to transform the way employees, soldiers, and citizens engage with ideas and information.

Hear experts share insights on current trends, policies, and executive orders.
Learn about real-world implementations and how agencies are improving efficiency, maximizing engagement, optimizing communications, and safeguarding information with ease — all while lowering costs.
Discover the seamless solutions behind agency successes by getting up close and personal with products and processes applied from creation to delivery.

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June 11Digital Content 2.0: Optimizing Technical Communications & Publications

Digitized paper documents were just the beginning. Today's advanced end users want engaging, easily searchable content from your agency that is optimized for their devices. Understand how other agencies are optimizing technical publications, experiencing streamlined processes, and reducing cycle time. Take document design a step further—determine how effective your content is, using that information to make adjustments that better serve your end users.

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The technical webinar series walks the technology professional and business user through Adobe products that might be new or under-utilized within your agency. This will show the technology pro the benefits and ease of standardizing on the latest versions, for meeting security and mobility demands. For the business user, you will learn tips, tricks, and new features that will save time and make your job easier. Attend one, or attend them all.

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May 30Adobe Insight: Do more with Multichannel User Analytics

An ever-increasing amount of data coupled with the power of analytics helps agencies unlock the meaning behind data. Learn more about how Adobe Insight allows you to analyze large volumes of varying types of data, in real-time, in order to identify correlations, and complete patterns of user behavior that can be used for predictive or operational analysis.

June 13Communications Go Interactive With Adobe eLearning Suite

Make your agency faster and more productive with a complete range of applications and integrated workflows. Learn how to develop eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning content. Accelerate development with rapid prototyping, round-tripping workflows, and out-of-the-box assets like actors and smart interactions. Take the content and publish to the desktop, web, LMSs, and mobile devices. Easy to use for any technical user - build powerful, dynamic eLearning applications allowing users to focus all attention on the most important aspect; the subject matter.